The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! This blog will present my journey of being a mother. As the name says I am learning something each day in pursuit of being a better mother every day. There is no other better thing to share than experiences. I became a mother 6 months ago and every single day has come with its own challenges, joys, frustrations, happiness, and surprises (pleasant and unpleasant too). Every day I have discovered something about myself, my baby, my partner and every single person involved in helping me on the journey. According to me, there is no concept of the best mother on this planet. You cannot become a perfect mother whatever you do because in the race to become perfect there will remain something which is undone. In our own little minds, we have got a picture of the “Perfect Mother” influenced by the society, social media, celebrities, and others in our life. In this quest to become perfect, women miss looking at those little things. As a mother, I discovered that I have my own set of strengths and weaknesses. I discovered that there would be a time when I would simply lose my mind, there will be a time when I feel like I am done, there will be a time when I feel I cannot love myself anymore and a time when I feel my body will break into pieces. But then that’s being a mother after all. Even with all these emotions peeping number of times during the day, there will also be the joy of bringing up a new life and seeing your little one growing each day that makes all of it worth. The first step to cope with all the thoughts is to be aware. And after you think you have combated the situation, you will be faced with a new one the very next moment. The cycle will go on. I am making my own set of mistakes and that what makes me an amateur mum – learning something every day. And then I realize that I will be an amateur mother the entire life, no matter how old is my baby and no matter how many children I have in future. And here I am, sharing about what the journey is teaching me and how am I trying to make it a good one each day.

P.S It is fun to try typing with your bub in your arms trying to jump on the laptop. :). Welcome to motherhood

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton