About me

An Indian by birth I am now living in Australia. I became a mother in November 2017 to a beautiful daughter. Along with a mother now, I am a wife I a working professional. I have a passion for art and cooking and love to keep myself busy.

Since the moment I came to know that there is new life nurturing in me, life began changing in a very way that I never experienced. These changes in and around me were different than those when other incidences like marriage, new job, new home happened.

To be able to give birth to a new life is a supreme power given to a woman by nature. While on this journey to bring new life and nurture it, I was introduced to a number of emotions and situations both good and not so good just like any other woman would. I wanted to treasure all these and what better way than to pen it down and share it with others.

Every day has been a new teacher, every situation has been a mirror showing me changes in me.

Every pregnancy, every motherhood is different. Nothing comes with a manual. And that is what makes the journey so special.

I feel empowered when I express myself and this blog is a baby of my expression.

I wish to write about my experiences as a mother and I hope my daughter will read this blog when she is older.